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Shareability: Social Media Meets Augmented Reality Ads

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With so many products to choose from, shopping online can be daunting. Unlike in a store, the online shopper does not have help to find the products they are looking for. Additionally, there is no way for shoppers to try on the products they purchase. Once they click “order”, all they can really do is hope for the best. Personalized ads address both of these issues by allowing people to see themselves wearing products they like before they even begin shopping. Onysus technology helps companies create ads that are tailored to fit the customer’s style and appearance. Suddenly, the long, daunting process of online shopping is made much simpler, and customers are shown the products they want without any hassle.

Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed, countless statuses and photo albums a blur. You glance at an ad to the right of your screen for a makeup company whose website you’ve recently visited. You see a figure wearing the makeup products–a model, you assume. With a closer look, however, you realize that there is no model: it’s you in the ad. Your face is painted with soft blush and a bright eyeshadow that match your skin tone perfectly. The ad is meant just for you! Do you click on the link? Do you buy the products? The face-tracking technology used in companies’ ads essentially behaves like a salesperson: it promotes products while giving customers professional advice at the same time. Unlike traditional ads that are produced regardless of who sees them, these digital campaigns are altered to fit the needs of each individual client. Therefore, two online shoppers can see entirely different ads for the same product. Suppose you have just come across a personalized Facebook ad for the first time; wouldn’t you show your friends what you’ve discovered? Many online shoppers do. Shareability is yet another benefit of using Onysus technology with social media. Since personalized ads show up on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter feeds, users can easily spread the ads themselves. In return, companies receive positive feedback on their advertisements and production can continue. Simply put, customized ads can be reached- and appreciated- by more people than just one intended shopper.

HBO Creates Augmented Reality Facebook Ad For True Blood Fans

At the time of the True Blood season four premiere, HBO wanted to create a way for fans to connect with-and celebrate- the show. The result was the “Immortalize Yourself” Facebook application, which allowed fans to insert themselves into plotline videos for episodes. The interactive application could also be easily shared among Facebook users.

Top Shop Launches Virtual Reality App For Shoppers

Top Shop recently launched a color-changing app that enabled customers to scan an article of clothing that they liked, and then switch around the colors. This mobile app not only enabled customers to view clothing options other than what was shown in the physical store, but also gave people more of a reason to visit one of their locations.

IKEA Creates Catalogue App Using Augmented Reality

In 2013, IKEA launched a virtual catalogue that allowed customers to arrange furniture in their homes before making any purchases. The app was designed to use the exact measurements of each user’s home in order to find products that would best fit. Therefore, shoppers could be certain they bought the right furniture for their homes.