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Small Scale Projection Mapping

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Cool 3D light Projection

Projection Mapping has the advertising world on a craze. Being able to animate still objects has opened up a world of creative opportunities for artists all around the globe. The most popular 3D Projection are done onto buildings. But its implementation on smaller objects is not less impressive and captures better on camera. So we tried to concentrate on non- building ones in this compilation.

Hope you enjoy.

Samsung Portugal: Explore Your Dual World – Human Face Video Mapping

Digital Agency: Excentric   I   Projection Mapping: Oskar E Gaspar   I   Video Prodution Droid I.D.   I   Music Timecoders

3D Projection on a Sculpture:

Rabarama’s sculpture ‘Bozzolo’ was brought to life by studio DrawLight on an inspiring fusion of technology and art.

Lamborghini Projection

There are quite a few car projection mappings out there, I think this is the most impressive.
By The Media Merchants


An experimental film  by  Xavier Chassaing. In this breath taking piece the artist uses flowers, ceilings, curtains and legs as his canvas.
*The mapping begins at 1:03

PlayStation ad in ONE Shot

I still can’t belive they manage to pull this out in one shot, Amazing.
This is just one of a three series check them out at Great Films Fill Rooms

The Icebook

This whimsical performance uses animation, puppetry, and video projection to bring a pop-up book to life.

Unofficial New Balance Shoe Projection Mapping

This experimental piece was produced by smithssi from Flurry Interactive

ENVISION – Step into the sensory box

This installation was set up by Alcatel-Lucent for Mobile World Congress and video mapping designed by the agency and the Department SUPERBIEN New Media Agency \ Auditorium.

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