Natural User Interface (NUI) in a Nutshell
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Natural User Interface (NUI) in a Nutshell

Posted by | 22/08/2012 | IxD, Kinect | No Comments

Natural User Interface (NUI) is the ability to interact with a machine using nothing but the human body.

NUI is powered by touch, by gestures, by sound, by senses.  It is our human nature and our inability to learn the delicate nature of human interactions it’s pitfall. But we will learn and soon the day will come where drawing a heart with your hands will mean the same to  your computer as it does to you.

Lots of times we bring preconceived ideas into this new medium, standard UI does not apply in NUI because it just won’t work. The learning curve is steep, not just for IXD designers but also for the users. Walking in place is far from being natural and while the whole concept of minority report’s screen is cool it is rather inconvenient if not painful.

But thankfully technology has advanced in more than one area and the fusion between augmented reality and natural user interfaces (NUI) is rather a successful one and we see it especially when looking at conceptual product ideas and Kinect’s success stories.

I’ll just leave you guys with the more well known NUI Device and concept products.  Enjoy

*Warning: You are about to enter an utopian world where technology makes people happy and a bit too nice. If you are interested  on the other side you can watch Black Mirror.

Kinect Effect

Microsoft’s Kinect sprouted a huge amount of projects, startups and ideas based on NUI, so I think they deserve to be first :)

Google Project Glass

Leap Motion

Leap is a tiny hand tracking / gesture control time-of-flight (TOF) camera that features very high resolution and limited field of view.  It’s still in production but they receive preorders running at 70$ each, they estimate shipping will start at February 2013.

Source Extremetech

Corning Gorrilla Glass

Corning Gorilla glass power over 750 million devices, working with major companies like Samsung, Acer, Asus, DELL, HTC, LG Nokia, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Hyundai and more. We see it’s technology on most smart devices, but we will see new and exciting application for their technology in the years to come.

Microsoft Productivity Future Vision


Nokia Mixed Reality – Eye tracking Glasses

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