Augmented Vending Machines : Retail Revolution
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Augmented Vending Machines, The Retail Revolution

Posted by | 10/08/2012 | IxD, Kinect | No Comments
Vending machine

The history of vending machines goes back to the first-century A.D., since we’ve seen all sort of weird uses ranging from live lobsters to an anger release vending machines. But there were no drastic changes in functionality till now. NUI devices, high tech displays and augmented reality technology provide the perfect base for the next-generation of vending machines.

Imagine you could buy well-fitting clothes while waiting for the train, get beer on a machine that recognizes your age or try and buy makeup or a tie on the go. The whole concept has yet to take off, but we see seeds of innovation that will lead the way to a hassle free shopping experience.

Goertz Shoe Fitting Vending Machine

Online shoe company Goertz came up with a great concept. They took their online shop to the realm of the real by developing a cool machine that allows passersby to try and buy shoes using augmented reality technology. Hopefully others will follow and we will see more Augmented Vending Machines.

Source Digitalbuzz

Some companies allow you try accessories and makeup online using augmented reality, merge this technology with vending machines and you have full store in less than a square meter.
This app was made by online shop Boutique Accessories

MS Kinect powers all sorts of virtual dressing rooms and could easily be part of a vending machine.
This is an example by fitnect

Coca Cola Dance for Cokes Machine

This peculiar vending machine is powered by kinect and webcams, it engages the the audience by challenging passers-by to follow the moves of a famous Korean boy band named 2PM. 

Source Singularity Hub

Coca Cola Hug Me Machine

Another one from Coca Cola, give a hug get a coke. Isn’t it cute?

Source Forbes

Jell-O Temptations

Intel and Kraft teamed up to make this machine as part of their, only for adults, Jell-O Temptations campaign. It recognizes the age of the user and gives a free pudding to adults only. Now if those were jello-shots

Source Time

Toyota Etios Smile Machine

I don’t want to ruin the fun, just watch it and :)

Source Thingking

JR EAST vending monster

JR EAST its Japan’s Railway Company and they have developed a huge vending machine that recognized customers age and gender to provide personalized content and recommends drinks.  When not in use it serves as digital signage solution.

Source Techcrunch 

*This video was done by 

Sun Dun Vending Machine

Sun Dun is a Japanese company,  in association with Intel and Okaya electronics they’ve developed an interactive vending machine that uses a transparent glass display showing relevant information of the products being sold. It also features an age, gender and face recognition as an integral part of their system to show personalized content and prevent  sales when the items being sold have an age limit.


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