Virtual+Reality = Simple

We provide the software you bring the magic, with Onysus everyone can create memorable immersive experiences.

No Programming

Drastically reduce the development time by creating complex computer vision based interactions without writing a single line of code.

Immediate Results

No more shots in the dark with lengthy developments, our graphic editor provides immediate results.

Create Once Deploy Everywhere

Supports all mayor depth cameras and platforms.

Ready to show off?

Request and invite and be one of the first ones to try it out.

One Solution Endless Possibilities

We offer a wide set of unique features to help you Create Wonder.

Background Removal

Chroma key the users from their background in real-time without a green-screen and immerse them in a virtual environment.

Marker-less Face Tracking

Use the power of real-time motion capture to create anything from virtual mirrors to real-time avatars using up to 64 facial features.

Body Tracking

Track up to 20 skeleton joints, this can be used to rig characters in real-time, add accessories, replace user’s cloths, limbs or anything you can imagine.

Gesture Recognition

Revolutionize the way users interact with your application by allowing them to naturally interact with their environment using face, hand and body gestures.

Augmented Reality

Digitally enhance reality by adding a virtual layer to real-life objects. Be it a person, a catalog or a coke bottle the possibilities are endless.

Real-time Effects

Enhance reality by using real-time effects. Be it a simple color correction, particles, liquify and much more, the possibilities are endless.

Real-Time Physics

GPU accelerated physic engine allows for a seamless integration of virtual objects created in a system and real-life objects and environment.

One Solution Endless Possibilities

We offer a wide set of unique features to help you Create Wonder.

Computer Vision is changing the digital media industry by bringing back the WOW factor and helping brands and media creators engage and inspire audiences in ways never imagined before, blurring the line between the virtual and the real.
However to create immersive interactions we need designers, programmers and specialized CV programming frameworks, this can take months of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars per project.
Onysus aims to change this by providing a visual editor that allows everyone to create immersive experiences with technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and gesture based interactions. Our patent pending platform is visual and intuitive, yet strong enough to create complex computer vision based systems and applications in a totally graphic environment, similar to video editing tools we are already used to.